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Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Spy Who Loved Me

This movie along time ago was my favorite James Bond flick. At that time liked Roger Moore over Sean Connery and liked action over plot. Then I grew up. I started liking more in depth things and this movie quickly moved of my list of favorites. Well here I am again. I am writing reviews almost everyday and enjoying movies for different reasons. Do not get me wrong however this is still the best outing Moore put out and really good as movies go. The plot is fairly simple. James Bond 007 falls in love or lust with a beautiful Russian Agent named appropriately enough XXX. They are paired together while trying to track down to missing nuclear submarines. They go through Hell and high water together and in the end are sacking up. So what else is new? It is a James Bond movie after all that is more or less what always happens. This one is different however. It has a legendary henchman in it named Jaws. He was so good he returned in the next movie. It has a killer opening themes song that becomes the themes song for James Bond in general. Last but not least it contains a completely original script. That is right the script contains not a shred of communality from the book of the same name. Since I have yet to read the book I am going to favor on side of the movie script. This movie contains plenty of action too. From buildings collapsing to man- eating sharks this movie has it all. It takes place in Egypt, Argentina, and Istanbul. There are some great gadgets in it including what may be the coolest car ever and last but not least there actually is a plot. All these factors put together make an interesting film. Go rent it today and decide for yourself. It is currently playing for free on Xfinity TV. Grade A-

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A note from an editor!

Hi Matthew,

Thank you for the time and effort you put into this piece, especially on a Saturday morning. I can tell you definitely took good notes of everything that was going on during the event!

We still have some work to do before this piece is ready to print. Your piece has a lot of information, but it doesn’t sound like a news article. What was the point of his speech/presentation? Why was he addressing this audience? What is Vanguard? What does the company do – who does it serve? You spend a lot of time narrating (for example, how he was injured), but did not report on the purpose of the event. You can maybe mention his appearance/joking about it in a sentence or two, but do not take several paragraphs to do so. Also, I like how you mentioned where the name “Vanguard” comes from.

There are a lot of spelling errors in this piece – make sure you proof read each sentence carefully.

I know I am getting back to you a little later I hoped, and I’m sorry about that! But if you have time tonight, please go through my suggestions and try to rework your piece. You can send me what you have tonight/tomorrow morning. Please bring a copy of it to the meeting tomorrow and we will discuss it further from there.

Once again, thanks for your hard work and promptness! Remember this is a learning process, and we are all part of the Waltonian team!

Talk to you soon!

Ten Most pathetic movie stars that still have careers.

(In A - B -C Order)

1. Hayden Christensen

2. Tom Crusie

3. Kevin Costner

4. Keeanu Reeves

5. Denise Richards

6. Adam Sandler

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger

8. William Shatner

9. Sylvester Stalloan

10. John Claude Van dahm