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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Miss Petttigrew Lives for a Day

Guinevere Pettigrew (Frances Mc Dormad) is kicked out on the streets in the opeing credits of this film. She loses her only suitcase of luggage and is even turned down for employement by the unemployment center. The setting is pre World War II London and the prediciment she’s in is rather grim. When she falls upon a beautiful young actress named Delysia Lafosse (AmyAdams) luck takes a turn for the better. She is carried away to a world of glitz and glamor and her ever so bleak future finaly see the light. This is a comedy that really isn’t outragously funny. While the humor isn’t laugh out loud funnny it is however creativley wriiten. Miss Pettigrew is literly taken from rages to riches overnight. She see her life change in the blink of an eye and even has to change the person she is to adjust to her new found fortone. I am not usually into Art House movies but this one caught my interest. While there are no real notable actors to sell this movie. Amy Adams and Francis McDormad are not exactly unfamilar names ether. They both play their perspective charchters well are excellent in this film. The plot is slow moving at times and even a bit boring. Yet it works as an overall motion picture. The characters are intreaging and even a bit engaging at times. I found my self cheering for the protagonist booing the antagonist. Which was really the situation she’s in. Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day is actaully a fun movie. It requries patience at times but is all in all worth the trip to the theatere. The ending is anticipated but not predictable and the gap in your wallet seems justifable when you walk home that day. I enjoyed it a lot but was at the same time disapointed. I felt justified in taking the train down to Bryn Mawr but also yearned for more. Grade B-

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A note from an editor!

Hi Matthew,

Thank you for the time and effort you put into this piece, especially on a Saturday morning. I can tell you definitely took good notes of everything that was going on during the event!

We still have some work to do before this piece is ready to print. Your piece has a lot of information, but it doesn’t sound like a news article. What was the point of his speech/presentation? Why was he addressing this audience? What is Vanguard? What does the company do – who does it serve? You spend a lot of time narrating (for example, how he was injured), but did not report on the purpose of the event. You can maybe mention his appearance/joking about it in a sentence or two, but do not take several paragraphs to do so. Also, I like how you mentioned where the name “Vanguard” comes from.

There are a lot of spelling errors in this piece – make sure you proof read each sentence carefully.

I know I am getting back to you a little later I hoped, and I’m sorry about that! But if you have time tonight, please go through my suggestions and try to rework your piece. You can send me what you have tonight/tomorrow morning. Please bring a copy of it to the meeting tomorrow and we will discuss it further from there.

Once again, thanks for your hard work and promptness! Remember this is a learning process, and we are all part of the Waltonian team!

Talk to you soon!

Ten Most pathetic movie stars that still have careers.

(In A - B -C Order)

1. Hayden Christensen

2. Tom Crusie

3. Kevin Costner

4. Keeanu Reeves

5. Denise Richards

6. Adam Sandler

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger

8. William Shatner

9. Sylvester Stalloan

10. John Claude Van dahm