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Friday, February 22, 2013

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

As I watched this fun filled movie I thought to myself, “I wonder if they should make a sequel?” Then as I went to write this review I instinctively clicked on my favorite fact filled web site I use when writing movie reviews (that site is IMBD) it is after all my bible went to come to writing all my reviews. There within this amazing website is a page or link to a yet unwritten movie. Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2. I see that I am not the only one with such an idea. The first line I read on the page I open reads “How to make it work.” The same idea went through my head as I watched the closing credits of this movie. This movie is an 80’s classic. I am a child of the 80’s so I am slightly biased on the decade. There are already two other 80’s films being made into remakes. The films in question are Footloose and Total Recall. Neither one of these titles do I consider worthy of being called an “80’s classic”. I mean really look at the lead actors in either film. Neither Kevin Bacon nor Arnold Schwarzenegger are exactly Oscar caliber actors. As a matter of fact neither one has even been nominated for the golden statue. Bob Haskins on the other had has been. It was for his leading role in Mona Lisa. It was just two years before in 1986 and while I have not seen this movie as of yet I know it was well written as well as acted as well. Unlike the other two films I just mentioned earlier. The movie I am reviewing today on the other hand contained great acting as well as a very creative storyline. Not to mention, it was considered to be ground breaking when it was released in 1988. While Disney Pictures had combined both the live action format with animation before (See Mary Poppins and Song of the South) this was their (Disney’s) best collaboration of both formats. It was also the first time they attempted such an amalgamation since Mary Poppins flew her way in the window in 1964. I liked this film better (Roger Rabbit) than the nanny like person turned makeshift mother that audiences swooned over in the 60’s. Since Song of The South was never released on Video or DVD (due it its controversial view on Slavery) I can’t compare it to Roger Rabbit. Either way this film is still worthy of praise and worship. See it again today. I am sure you will enjoy it. Grade A

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A note from an editor!

Hi Matthew,

Thank you for the time and effort you put into this piece, especially on a Saturday morning. I can tell you definitely took good notes of everything that was going on during the event!

We still have some work to do before this piece is ready to print. Your piece has a lot of information, but it doesn’t sound like a news article. What was the point of his speech/presentation? Why was he addressing this audience? What is Vanguard? What does the company do – who does it serve? You spend a lot of time narrating (for example, how he was injured), but did not report on the purpose of the event. You can maybe mention his appearance/joking about it in a sentence or two, but do not take several paragraphs to do so. Also, I like how you mentioned where the name “Vanguard” comes from.

There are a lot of spelling errors in this piece – make sure you proof read each sentence carefully.

I know I am getting back to you a little later I hoped, and I’m sorry about that! But if you have time tonight, please go through my suggestions and try to rework your piece. You can send me what you have tonight/tomorrow morning. Please bring a copy of it to the meeting tomorrow and we will discuss it further from there.

Once again, thanks for your hard work and promptness! Remember this is a learning process, and we are all part of the Waltonian team!

Talk to you soon!

Ten Most pathetic movie stars that still have careers.

(In A - B -C Order)

1. Hayden Christensen

2. Tom Crusie

3. Kevin Costner

4. Keeanu Reeves

5. Denise Richards

6. Adam Sandler

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger

8. William Shatner

9. Sylvester Stalloan

10. John Claude Van dahm